Our Story

Our Story

Learn about who we are!


We are Frontier Church – Carbon Valley, “A ministry of Seventh Day Baptists.”  We desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.  We exist to show the love of Jesus to our community, to make the name of Jesus great in our community, and to share the good news of Jesus with our community and ultimately the world.  Though we are located in the Carbon Valley area and we identify strongly as a community church, we haven’t always been in this community.


The Past


Our roots as a church are in Boulder dating back to 1893!  We served the Boulder area and did faithful ministry there for 125 years, before God called us to our new mission field in Carbon Valley.  Over the years we have hosted many events such as camping programs, church suppers, bell-choir tours, concerts and ginger bread parties. With 125 years of ministry in Boulder, we could list a lot of things that we have done and been involved in. During our time serving the Boulder area, we had three different buildings at different points along Arapahoe Rd. pictured below.




Seventh Day Baptists

Seventh Day Baptists date all the way back to the very first Baptists in the 1600's.  Our history in America reaches back to 1671 in Rhode Island when our very first Church in America was established.  We are a unique branch of Baptists that are oriented toward keeping the seventh-day Sabbath.  We do not do this out of legalism, but rather our love for God motivates us to keep all of His commandments, which we believe includes the Sabbath.  We have always been a denomination of people who are more of a family than an organization and we strive to keep that deep relational aspect as an important part of who we are.  As such, Seventh Day Baptists find that they have family and friends coast to coast!